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RIGGING NEWS- Single Point Yacht Tender Towing

Self-Contained Single Point Yacht Tender Towing Rig

Single Point Yacht T/T Tender Tow Package

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Nance & Underwood Rigging based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida announces the development of a new self-contained towing system which will allow the crew to control their tow from the bridge and stow the tow hawse on an integrated captive reel windlass.

Nance and Underwood the parent Company of Rope Inc. has been providing tow harnesses (Mighty Tow) to the Mega-Yacht fleet for years. The time has come for the vessel to utilize the space taken up by the tow hawser and bridles with a windlass that will control the tow as well as stow the line. The line handling manpower will be reduced significantly and the prospect of having to tow from a bridle to a bridle is eliminated.

Captive Reel Winch and Line Tensioner (Shark Jaws)

Our single hawser system is comprised of an 18 ton (30 ton brake) captive reel winch as well as line tensioner (Shark Jaws) that can be incorporated into an existing hydraulic system or N&U can install a compact dedicated hydraulic power pack; the controls would be hard wired to the bridge as well as Wi-Fi remote control fob that may be operated from anywhere in proximity of the windlass. This system is the revolution in tender towing that the Super Yacht industry has been waiting for!

The primary reason N&U has developed this tender towing package system has been due to client demand as well as crew desire for a safer and easier towing solution. Through diligent research and production availability as well as pricing N&U has designed this system which includes:
Hydraulic Power Pack:
38 kW Hyd. power 280 bar, 80 l/min. (requires 40kW 380 VAC 3 Phase power)

Hauling Speed; 11 Meter per minute
Slack Speed; 27-30 Meters per minute
Brake Holding Force on Drum; 300kN (29100Mtric Ton +/- 10%)

Diameter 16mm length 70 Meter (this is for the Dyneema Tow) along with a 10 Meter synthetic tether for shock absorbing the dynamic towing loads and the tow vessel bridle; this application will allow a Point to Point (AKA Harbor Tow) from the 30 foot tether, as well as the customary two boat length recommended Ocean Tow Application. The Rope has an MBS (minimum breaking strength) of 24.0 Metric Tons.
Nance and Underwood will be offering these systems to new build clientele as well as to yachts that are in service. These systems are Bureau Veritas approved (International Association of Classification Societies (IACS Req 2007). Please Contact Us for details and a survey to provide the perfect towing system for your yacht.

Reduce your operating costs; assure that your tender is not lost at sea (tow package includes rear monitoring visual equipment), let the captive reel winch pull and stow your towing lines for the safety of tender, equipment and crew.

Nance & Underwood Rigging and Sails is your source for all of your rigging, sails, sail handling equipment and services world wide. We can ship rigging, sails, and sail handling equipment anywhere. No matter where you are, Nance & Underwood will always be here to assist you. We can arrange the repair of your rigging hardware and/or sails here in our facility. Contact Us today for more information.

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