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Please see the News and New Products available from Nance & Underwood Rigging and Sails. Check back often for updated information on rigging, winches, masts, furling, sails and other fine marine products. See more below.

Nance & Underwood Rebuilds Massive Ship Winch
Ship Winch Rebuild

Nance and Underwood Rigging rebuilds yet another massive ship winch. This project was completed successfully under difficult conditions.

Ship Entering Drydock Facility
Cruise Ship at Drydock

SMM Hamburg
N & U Rigging Attends SMM 2016 Hamburg
Nance and Underwood Rigging of Fort Lauderdale Florida was among the 50,000 + visitors from around the world to attend the SMM, the world's largest and leading trade fair for the maritime industry. With 2,200 exhibitors covering 93,000 square meters of exhibition space there was a representative of every aspect of the maritime community.

Main Entrance to SMM at the Hamburg Messe Compound
SMM Hamburg Hall

Venders Provided Ample Displays and Brochures for Equipment to Satisfy the Requirements for Vessel's from the Mega-Yacht to the Largest Cruise Ship and Every Type In-Between.

SMM Hamburg Display

In Attendance were the Best Engineers and Sales Teams from Every Aspect of the Industry. This Event Occurs Every Two Years Due to the Size and Scope of the Business.

SMM Hamburg Engineers and Sales Teams

The Biggest Names in Ship Construction and Retro-Fits Exhibited their Products and Services for all Purchasing Agents and Production Teams from around the World to see

SMM Hamburg Ship Display

Vendors Brought out their Best

SMM Hamburg Ship Display

Nance and Underwood sent a delegation to this event because the future of the Fort Lauderdale marine trade requires worldwide recognition and an open dialog with builders and providers operating within Classification Society's guidelines. To be certain 2018 N&U will attend SMM 2018 and strongly recommends that other local maritime service providers send a delegation also.

SMM Hamburg
SMM Hamburg September 6 – 9, 2016
Houston Murphy will be attending the International Maritime Trade Fair- SMM Hamburg. SMM Hamburg has all the leading commercial marine and mega yacht builders and services from around the world at the Fair. Houston will be available to meet regarding Nance & Underwood services for mega yachts, cruise ships and maritime shipping concerns. Contact Houston via Email or call 954-764-6001.

Petersen Stainless Rigging Logo
CE Marked Swage Terminations for Lifting acc. to EN 13411-8
Peterson Rigging Offers Swage Terminations

Petersen Stainless Rigging Ltd of England has been working closely with the Swedish company WireTeknik AB for the past two years to develop, test and certify a swaging system to EN13411-8. EN13411-8 is applicable to swaged terminations used in any wire rope assembly that performs a raising, lowering, hauling or supporting function on lifting machinery. As well as extensive fatigue testing requirements the standard stipulates a terminal efficiency factor, KT, of at least 90% of the wire MBL – significantly higher than for pressed-ferrule splices.

The approval covers the range of Petersen Swage fittings used on wire rope constructions 1x19, 7x7, 7x19 and 6x36+IWRC in sizes 4mm up to 26mm diameter and swaged with WireTeknik roller swaging machine. A diverse range of end fittings is available including threaded studs, open and closed sockets and unique captive-shackle toggling sockets. The different end fittings open up a whole host of new possibilities for attaching to the load or structure and custom end fittings can be produced for specific installations. The captive-shackle socket means that the shackle becomes part of the sling assembly and so does not require separate testing, certification and inspection.

Contact Us for more information for your swaged rigging applications.

N&U Installed Rescue On/Off Load Hook
N&U Installed Rescue On/Off Load Hook

N&U Installed a newly designed and approved rescue on/off load hook aboard a mega-yacht here in Fort Lauderdale. The hook is built by Survival Craft Inspectorate (Survitec Group) and Certified by ABS as well as Lloyds register. This is a great design with easy maintenance.

Commercial Vessel News Release- Princess Cruises & Holland America
Princess Cruises Building
Princess Cruises Building Santa Clarita, CA

The week of 13-18 June Nance and Underwood Rigging Technical representatives attended meetings with Princess Cruises in Santa Clarita California; additionally performed a pre dry dock survey aboard a CLL Fantasy Class Vessel in Long Beach California; met with Technical superintendents from Holland America in Seattle, Washington.

Commercial Vessel Winches
Commercial Vessel Winches

These meetings and surveys are taxing however N&U realizes the importance of face to face as well as hands on interactions to discuss the client' requirements.

N&U Performs Harken Track Dynamic Load Test

Above is a video of a dynamic load test performed for the yacht's staff as well as the ABS surveyor. This test of a Harken Safety Track required N&U to build a mock-up mimicking the hull structure. The test was performed numerous times with no failures!

N&U for OSHA Maritime 1915 Training Course
OSHA Maritime Training Course

All Nance and Underwood Technicians have taken and passed the 10 Hour OSHA Maritime 1915 Training Course. One more certificate to assure that our clients are receiving the best we can offer for servicing their vessels.

Searching the High Seas Looking for Talent to Join Our Team!
Rigger Employment and Jobs
Above- Disney's Castaway Cay, Captain Jack Sparrow getting ready for a scene.

Nance and Underwood is currently recruiting experienced rigging technicians as well as experienced sailors looking to learn the trade. Please go to the Jobs Page to fill out an online application.

Nance & Underwood Rigging Cruise Ship Canopy Refurb

Nance & Underwood Rigging & Sails recently performed the refurbishment of a Lido Deck Canopy first at sea and then at the Grand Bahama Shipyard in Freeport, Bahamas. The Canopy refurbishment was a tough job but N&U were up to the work with proper planning ahead of the job and execution on site. See the detailed images and text on the movie above. Click to enlarge the movie for full screen.

N&U Sails Loft- Fast Rescue Boat Fendering Covers
N&U Fast Rescue Boat Fendering Cover

Nance and Underwood Sails loft manufactured these Fast Rescue Boat Fendering Covers (Sacrificial). See more images of Fast Rescue Boat Fendering Covers in the Commercial Gallery.

Nance and Underwood Rigging in Quebec Spring of 2016
Nance and Underwood Rigging in Quebec Spring of 2016

Nance and Underwood performed a Life Saving Appliances Annual Inspection in Quebec, Canada recently proving Nance and Underwood Rigging will go anywhere, any time to do a job well and on time. See more images of Quebec Life Saving Appliances Annual Inspections in the Commercial Gallery.

Nance Underwood Rigging Install Safety Rail System
Nance Underwood Rigging Installs
Color Matched Safety Rail System

Nance and Underwood has installed this over the side Safety Rail System designed to match the hull color. Job well done!

See more about the Ronstan Safety Rail System on the Nance Underwood web site. See more images and information for the Safety Rail System.

N&U Performing Life Saving Appliances Annual Inspections & Life Boat Davit Refit
Life Saving Appliances Annual Inspections
Life Saving Appliances Annual Inspections
Life Boat Davit Refit
Bahamas- Assisted in a major Life Boat Davit Refit
See more images of Life Saving Appliances Annual Inspections and Life Boat Davit Refit in the Commercial Gallery.

N&U Performing Load Tests
Performing Load Tests
Our team of trained and experienced crew have been performing load tests of: Davits, Cranes, and Over the Side Safety Access Track Systems on a daily basis!

See more images in the Yacht Gallery.

Performing Load Tests

N&U Fabricate Lifting Harness for Personal Submarine
N&U Fabricate Lifting Harness

Always something new at Nance and Underwood- this awesome submersible came by for a lifting harness made of Spectra for craning the sub onto and off of the deck. The lifting harness was custom fabricated at our Fort Lauderdale location.

Nance Underwood Rigging at Seatrade Cruise Global
Nance Underwood Rigging at Seatrade Cruise Global

Nance & Underwood was at Seatrade Cruise Global (formerly Cruise Shipping Miami) March 14-17, 2016 here in Fort Lauderdale. Go to the Nance & Underwood 2016 Seatrade Cruise Global Page for more information.

N&U attend 2016 Harken University
2016 Harken University

Nance and Underwood rigging had received an invitation to send our technicians through the Harken University training Seminar. This is a prestigious event respected by the maritime industry
Harken Training Undiversity

N&U technicians not only learned a considerable amount, they provided valuable insight to the factory technical support teams concerning the state of the maritime industry from sailing vessels to cruise ship and commercial vessel support. See more images in the Gallery.

N&U Services Skycon Rail Window Washing Systems
Life Boat Service Call in Freeport Grand Bahama

Nance & Underwood Rigging recently serviced a vessel's Skycon Rail Window Washing Systems. See more images in the Commercial Gallery.
N&U at 2016 Harken University
2016 Harken University

Continuing with Nance and Underwood's commitment to provide properly trained and qualified service technicians to address our clients expectations, N&U has elected to accept Harken Inc.'s invitation to send five (5) rigging technicians to attend 2016's Harken University Course at the Harken USA Factory in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Grand Bahamas Ship Yard Service Call- Dry Docked Cruise Ship
Life Boat Service Call in Freeport Grand Bahama

Nance & Underwood Rigging participated in yet another dry dock event at the Grand Bahamas Ship Yard. See more images in the Commercial Gallery.
Shipserv Member Logo
Nance & Underwood Rigging- Member of Shipserv

Nance & Underwood Rigging is now a member of Shipserv, an international source for commercial marine and maritme suppliers working via the internet. Much the way Amazon does, Shipserv also handles inquiries and payment online for marine services and equipment. Please see the Nance & Underwood Rigging Shipserv page for more information and to use Shipserv capabilities for complete service from requests through payment. Nance & Underwood Rigging welcomes all inquiries through Shipserv.

Singapore Service Call- 2 Cruise Ships
Life Boat Service Call in Greece

Nance & Underwood aided in servicing two cruise ships in back to back dry docks in Singapore. See more images in the Commercial Gallery.

Life Boat Service Call in Greece
Life Boat Service Call in Greece

Nance & Underwood provided life boat and davit technical services onboard a cruise ship crossing from Athens, Greece to Istanbul, Turkey. See more images in the Commercial Gallery.

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